aboutusPaolo Guzzetta Firenze introduces a new line of Luxury Office Accessories. Our collections transform traditional desk accessories to highly functional works of art. “My clients wanted something different from the traditional products available in the market. They wanted something to complement their expressions of personality, style and success in their place of work. Ordinary is not an option.”

We wanted to bring our personal experience and flair to every design project, and this collection presented an opportunity to explore uncharted territory. “First, each individual component in the collection needed to be substantial and built to last. Then the challenge was to transport these ordinary elements into the world of luxury.”

Each item is individually hand-crafted in Italy. The leathers are richly textured and the colors are vibrant. Palladium is used to highlight the metal components. Palladium was chosen because it is allergy-free and will not tarnish or corrode.

Paolo Guzzetta, LLC includes over fifty years of experience in fashion, interior design and the beverage industries. Our goal is to provide our clients with unique expressions of success, lifestyle, and personality. Our products are as unique as our clients; each incorporating the essence of style, luxury, craftsmanship and utility.

Our first collection is a series of unique luxury furnishings for the home and office. This collection showcases fine, hand-crafted Italian leather goods fused with rugged, industrial desk accessories, each built for a lifetime of use.

In future collections, we intend to give our clients new ways to express their individuality. Each product will show that our philosophy: craftsmanship and quality can be successfully combined in a high-fashion, haute couture presentation. Nothing will be ordinary.